Slipping Away: Who is the LU Banana Vandal?

Local vandal completes phase three of his pranks, but the question remains: who is the yellow campus crusader? 

The LU Banana Vandal’s three phases of bringing about the Banana Republic have come to an end, and the culprit seems to have slipped away.

On Nov. 29, the Banana Vandal posted a video on his Instagram which showed him drilling a hole into a banana, rolling up a $20 bill and sticking it into the base. The video ends with the Banana Vandal throwing the money-loaded fruit on to a pile of bananas.

The next day, the Banana Vandal posted a video saying he had hid $1000 worth of the money-implanted bananas across campus, announced his phases were complete and suggested he would continue his pranks another time. 

The same day in Christmas Convocation, the annual holiday celebration filled with campus in-jokes and corny music, the Scheren twins, Liberty employees and Christmas Convo staples, premiered a video of them interviewing a variety of students, asking who the Banana Vandal was. The results of the video were inconclusive.

But it did throw some suspicion on the twins. Some questioned if they were the Banana Vandal.

“I really don’t think it’s a student,” student John Pereira said. “No student I’ve ever met has that much money lying around.”

When asked about the Banana Vandal, Duke Davis, the manager of the Reber-Thomas Dining Hall (ROT), said the Banana Vandal was the Scheren twins.

When asked about how he was able to identify the Banana Vandal, Davis’s reply was simple.

“I know a lot of people on campus,” Davis said.

One of the big clues for Davis was the twins’ Christmas Convocation video from last year titled “Mr. Rot vs. The Banana,” which showed one of the twins, Kyle, running across campus in a banana costume. Kyle is stopped by Duke Davis, the manager of the ROT and slammed into the ground.

The costume is the same one the Banana Vandal had used to pull off his pranks.

Kyle Scheren said he is not the Banana Vandal, but is in the loop.

“I’m not the Banana Vandal but I played a small role in it,” Scheren said.

Scheren said the Banana Vandal is not a lone troublemaker and is involved with multiple people. Several hands went into the stunts and buzz around the miscreant.

Scheren, who works for the Office of Spiritual Development, said he not working against the Banana Vandal but does not encourage students to pull dangerous stunts.

“We’re not endorsing the Banana Vandal, but the fact that we made a video on it lets you know what our stance on it is,” Scheren said.

Scheren’s hand in the project was the production of the Christmas Convo video and helping the Banana Vandal get the money to put in the bananas.

With the semester closing and the Banana Vandal’s completion of his three stunts, it looks like the Banana Vandal has split the scene.

“I just want it all to go away,” Davis said.

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