Students: Let Your Voice be Heard

The Lynchburg Torch has many opportunities for students of all majors and interests. 

Christmastime is here, and with it comes the end to another semester at Liberty. This semester, The Lynchburg Torch has gone from a lofty idea to an established student project. We’ve been enormously blessed by the student interaction we’ve received, and we are enormously thankful for the interest all of you have taken in this endeavor.

From our first like on Facebook (thanks mom) we have grown to more than 500 likes on our page. If you think about it, that’s more than 5,000 percent. Sure, that’s one to 500, but who’s counting?

But really, the steady and sure growth the Torch has experienced in the past few months has been extraordinary. The writers and editors are so thankful for the continued interest of the community and students, and we hope you’ll stay on board next semester.

With this in mind, students, we want to invite you on board. From the inception of the Torch, we’ve wanted it to be a platform for the students to have a voice on campus. A student soapbox, so to say.

If there is ever anything you as a student are passionate about or feel like someone needs to write about, reach out to us. We want to be your platform.

You don’t have to be an expert writer, and you don’t need to know how to write in news style. You don’t even have to be in a writing program. We just want passionate people who care about the campus and community, and we’ll help you with the rest.

Also, if anyone from the community or student body thinks we should be covering something or sees a need not being met by the Torch, reach out to us. We want to serve our audience as best we can.

Feel free to reach out to the Torch at anytime through

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