A Point in Time: Homelessness in Lynchburg

Care networks take a survey to estimate the numbers on homelessness in Lynchburg. Early morning Jan. 24 before dawn, volunteers wore raincoats and boots to fend off the rain as they gathered in the wet parking lot of Miller Park. They split into groups and chose areas of the city to cover. Amber Teer, Coordinated Homeless Intake and Access Coordinator for Lynchburg, led her group … Continue reading A Point in Time: Homelessness in Lynchburg

A War on Common Sense

An LU student’s perspective on the opioid crisis. The opioid crisis has been a huge problem as of recent years. According to the South China Morning Post over 300,000 people have died in the US since 2000 due to prescription opioid overdoses. These types of opioids are prescribed for seizures, different types of pain and other ailments. Many of these opioids are extremely addictive and … Continue reading A War on Common Sense

Small Business, Big Outreach

Downtown Lynchburg outlets reach out to locals in a variety of ways Small businesses live and die by community. For a small business to be deemed successful, it must find a need in their community and reliably meet that need. Forbes posted a list of what local businesses need to be successful, and for the most part downtown Lynchburg’s host of shops and restaurants fit … Continue reading Small Business, Big Outreach

Opinion: Liberty University’s CIO Needs to Resign

John Gauger has been accused of rigging polls for the 2016 Presidential Election. If Liberty University wants to retain Christian credibility in the academic field, their Chief Information Officer John Gauger needs to resign. On Wednesday, Jan. 17, The Wall Street Journal released a report detailing how former attorney Michael Cohen paid off Gauger to rig poll data in favor of Donald Trump for the … Continue reading Opinion: Liberty University’s CIO Needs to Resign

Women’s March Attracts Crowd in Support of ERA

Local rally draws hundreds for equal rights legislation. The city of Lynchburg held a rally alongside various cities across the United States as a part of a national Women’s March on Jan. 19. Despite the threat of rain, nearly 200 people gathered on the sidewalk near the Lynchburg Community Market for their own Women’s March rally, many wearing pink hats and toting protest signs. Men, … Continue reading Women’s March Attracts Crowd in Support of ERA