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Falwell Invites Musician Marilyn Manson to Convocation

In an effort to promote free speech, President Falwell invites dark rocker.

Liberty is trying to add an odd guest to its slate of Convocation guests next semester.

In a bizarre Twitter stunt, Jerry Falwell invited renowned Satanist Marilyn Manson to speak at Convocation during the fall 2019 semester.

“We may disagree on some things, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a civil conversation about something,” Falwell said.

Although Manson has not responded to the tweet, many students have commented on the invitation.

“I mean, if we can have Bernie Sanders on campus, we can have just about anyone I guess,” sophomore Abraham McClymont said, rolling his eyes. “Who will we invite next? Michelle Obama?”

“The name sounds familiar,” freshman Sadie Freeman said. “Wasn’t he at Winter Jam?”

Marilyn Manson, who was not at Winter Jam. 

Although it is dubious if Manson will accept, Falwell believes this is a big step for free speech on college campuses nationwide.

“Seriously, if this doesn’t prove we promote freedom of speech on campus, I really don’t know what will,” Falwell said. “How much farther do we have to go?”

Panyard is the Editor-in-Chief.

Happy April Fools’ Day!

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