‘Intent for Marriage’ to be New LU Prerequisite

Liberty to require written proof of “Desire for Marriage” from future applicants.

Liberty University announced that starting in the fall of 2019, one of the requirements for new student enrollment will be a signed “Desire for Marriage” contract.

According to the contract, students at Liberty must agree to make the goal of marriage a high priority during their college years.

According to the contract, “[t]he undersigned student’s first and foremost goals for attending Liberty University are to pursue an education, a relationship with Christ, and a suitable spouse.”

The contract must be co-signed by one or more parents and a local pastor willing to perform a marriage ceremony for the applicant once the student has become officially engaged.

Senior Vice President for Spiritual Development David Nasser said the administration wanted to cultivate the proper mindset for future students of Liberty.

“We really want everyone who comes here to have a greater purpose in mind,” Nasser said. “Having the ‘Desire for Marriage’ contract helps us to verify that our students will be intentional about pursuing marriage.”

Prospective students must also fill out a questionnaire that asks them to rate things like their marriageability and current date prospects on a scale from one to 10.

Additionally, Liberty has promised to provide one-on-one dating advice for incoming freshmen to make it easier for them to uphold the contract.

“We felt like the ring-by-spring mentality wasn’t enough,” Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. said. “We want to do everything we can to get these kids married off and starting families of their own.”

The contract also states that, once married, the student will have an automatic .5 grade boost added to their cumulative Grade Point Average.

“The ‘Desire for Marriage’ contract is what really attracted me to Liberty University,” high school applicant Blake Huntwell said. “What could be better than providing a GPA incentive for married students? It just makes sense.”

The announcement created a historical spike in enrollment applications, with the Admissions Department hiring 12 new staff members to accommodate the application increase.

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