About Us

Who We Are:

We are a community of writers attending Liberty University who value truth and excellence in writing pursuits. We are here to truthfully report on the school we attend and the community around it. We value feedback and want to work as a team to produce the best content we can. The Lynchburg Torch strives to produce quality content and provide valuable real-world experience for those involved. We are not a platform to vilify Liberty and we are not here to compete with other news sources.

Our Staff:

Jack Panyard
Editor in Chief

Jack is a senior and is majoring in journalism. He has served in different positions in newsrooms, and loves covering the local community. He believes that the work journalists do is important, and he is glad to work hard for the community.

Mikaela Stiner
Lynchburg News Editor

Mikaela is a senior majoring in journalism. She has a variety of interests including religion and politics, theology, arts and culture, technology ethics, and the Middle East. She's also a big fan of international foods, yoga, and Ted Talks.

Sarah Jackson
Opinion Editor

Sarah is a senior at Liberty University, majoring in English with a journalism minor. She has worked with multiple publications and believes that truth in writing is a powerful combination. She is an unwilling vegan who loves music, good quotes, and the Oxford Comma.

Max Loth
Photography Editor/Web Designer

Max is a senior and is majoring in Information Systems with a focus in Data Networking. He has served as a photographer for his hometown church and worked as the assistant photographer for the Liberty on campus newspaper. He is very passionate about technology, photography, and coffee.