Sleep On It: Dealing with Narcolepsy in College

An LU Alum recounts going through college with a neurological disorder. Yes, the infamous 8 a.m. classes. It’s really not that early, you think. And you’re right – 8 a.m. isn’t that early. But have you factored in the bitterly cold walk to class? Your breakfast? Are you trying to look cute for the boy who sits next to you? And of course, have you … Continue reading Sleep On It: Dealing with Narcolepsy in College

Movie Review: Can Unplanned Reach All Audiences?

PureFlix presents a case for pro-life stances but undercuts pro-choice ideas with sloppy writing and a lack of sensitivity. Abortion is a largely off-screen procedure. Very few movies candidly show an abortion on-screen, but “Unplanned” does with horrific brutality that forces the viewer to reckon with the filmmaker’s intentions. “Unplanned” is based on the memoir by Abby Johnson, an anti-abortion activist who resigned as the … Continue reading Movie Review: Can Unplanned Reach All Audiences?

Liberty University is Not a Proponent of Free Speech

A response to the Liberty President’s editorial on free speech. During the Conservative Political Action Conference hosted last week in D.C, President Donald Trump announced he would sign an executive order that would withdraw federal research dollars from colleges and institutions that do not promote and protect free speech. The announcement comes in response to a recent assault at UC Berkeley where a student trying … Continue reading Liberty University is Not a Proponent of Free Speech

Reaching Lynchburg: How LU Can Better Serve the City.

How Liberty can better use its massive means for good in the community. Over the past decade, Lynchburg and Liberty have experienced major growth. Since 1992, Liberty has grown student body-wise 783 percent, with incoming freshman numbers growing for the past few years and a myriad of expansions and construction growing the campus. Liberty’s endowment reached $1 billion last year the third-fastest growing in the … Continue reading Reaching Lynchburg: How LU Can Better Serve the City.

Oscar Outcasts Finale: The Favourite

A case of why the Favourite should win Best Picture at the Academy Awards. The Academy Awards have taken a severe beating in the past couple months in a series of controversies. Losing Kevin Hart as the host, deciding not to broadcast technical awards like Best Cinematography and Best Editing and nominating a couple films deemed “problematic”, the awards season has had a rocky start. … Continue reading Oscar Outcasts Finale: The Favourite

Oscar Outcasts: Eighth Grade

A look at the unusual authenticity in Bo Burnham’s directorial debut. The era of John Hughes is over. Idyllic movies about buoyant teenagers who have blissful lives and deal with superficial problems are now artifacts. The brilliance of Hughes was that during the decade he was able to show how seemingly insignificant problems are monumental struggles for teenagers. Today, if someone made a Hughes film, … Continue reading Oscar Outcasts: Eighth Grade

Confederate Controversy: How JF Should Have Prepared.

An LU student’s take on how the JF administration should have protected and prepared students more for controversy. Jefferson Forest High School experienced some press after students and faculty had posted pictures of students waving Confederate flags on Feb. 4. According to, on the fourth, the kids could dress up in fancy or Southern attire and sport Southern/Confederate pride. This event was called “Country … Continue reading Confederate Controversy: How JF Should Have Prepared.

Oscar Outcasts: Annihilation

An autopsy of the widely snubbed sci-fi masterpiece. I just want to say upfront that “Annihilation” is truly a great film. Its unique plot structure, attention to detail, score and mesmerizing production design create an incredible movie-going experience. Natalie Portman, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Gina Rodriguez give standout performances, and director Alex Garland clearly has a strong aesthetic and is able to carry the themes … Continue reading Oscar Outcasts: Annihilation

Oscar Outcasts: First Reformed

An overview of the religious drama, First Reformed, in context of the church and Christianity. Doubt, heresy and conviction have been some of the most enduring themes throughout film history. Since D.W Griffith’s 1919 silent masterpiece “Intolerance”, the struggle between those who see themselves as carrying out the divine will of God against the oppressive godless masses remains one of the most intriguing struggles in … Continue reading Oscar Outcasts: First Reformed

A War on Common Sense

An LU student’s perspective on the opioid crisis. The opioid crisis has been a huge problem as of recent years. According to the South China Morning Post over 300,000 people have died in the US since 2000 due to prescription opioid overdoses. These types of opioids are prescribed for seizures, different types of pain and other ailments. Many of these opioids are extremely addictive and … Continue reading A War on Common Sense