Oscar Outcasts: Annihilation

An autopsy of the widely snubbed sci-fi masterpiece. I just want to say upfront that “Annihilation” is truly a great film. Its unique plot structure, attention to detail, score and mesmerizing production design create an incredible movie-going experience. Natalie Portman, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Gina Rodriguez give standout performances, and director Alex Garland clearly has a strong aesthetic and is able to carry the themes … Continue reading Oscar Outcasts: Annihilation


Oscar Outcasts: First Reformed

An overview of the religious drama, First Reformed, in context of the church and Christianity. Doubt, heresy and conviction have been some of the most enduring themes throughout film history. Since D.W Griffith’s 1919 silent masterpiece “Intolerance”, the struggle between those who see themselves as carrying out the divine will of God against the oppressive godless masses remains one of the most intriguing struggles in … Continue reading Oscar Outcasts: First Reformed