The Serial Entrepreneur

Fourth generation small business owner opens four stores in downtown Lynchburg. Stephanie Atkinson is on a business spree. Atkinson has redefined the meaning of work ethic by opening four individual stores in downtown Lynchburg. Live Trendy or Die, Windblown Apothecary, Conscious Mercantile, and Hoppy Books were each brought to life through her unique vision. The latter two recently merged to create Et Marte, a variety … Continue reading The Serial Entrepreneur

Reaching Lynchburg: How LU Can Better Serve the City.

How Liberty can better use its massive means for good in the community. Over the past decade, Lynchburg and Liberty have experienced major growth. Since 1992, Liberty has grown student body-wise 783 percent, with incoming freshman numbers growing for the past few years and a myriad of expansions and construction growing the campus. Liberty‚Äôs endowment reached $1 billion last year the third-fastest growing in the … Continue reading Reaching Lynchburg: How LU Can Better Serve the City.

A Point in Time: Homelessness in Lynchburg

Care networks take a survey to estimate the numbers on homelessness in Lynchburg. Early morning Jan. 24 before dawn, volunteers wore raincoats and boots to fend off the rain as they gathered in the wet parking lot of Miller Park. They split into groups and chose areas of the city to cover. Amber Teer, Coordinated Homeless Intake and Access Coordinator for Lynchburg, led her group … Continue reading A Point in Time: Homelessness in Lynchburg